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Billboard Awards 2017

Hello, guys!

Yesterday, there was the last of the biggest music awards of this season. Actually, It was not as great as it uses to be. Most of the starlets did not cross the pink carpet and many of them were not present due to Cannes Film Festival. Please, before we start to talk about fashion and beauty, it is really important to remember that the cool thing about music awards is that it has no rules. Performers, presenters and the invited artists can take any risks when it comes to style. They have the chance to be as creative as possible. So we always expect some statements and major fashion and beauty moments. Unfortunatelly, sometimes they don’t come true.

Vanessa Hudgens has all my respect. The girl was a great co-presenter and had lot’s of fahion fun. She even took some significant risks, like in her pink carpet dress and the cher-like outfit on the stage. And let’s not forget her hair and make up! So BOMB!

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 17 years old sister, was such a surprise. Along with Hudgens, She got the attention of every single editor and blogger in fashion industry. Great look, amazing style. However, I would like her make up had been as bold as her outfit and hair style. Anyways, this girl was so stylish and looked so interesting that now everybody wanna know more about her. That’s my kind of It girl in the making!

As you can see, It is not possible to tell the same about the other members of the Cyrus clan.

2017-05-22 14.44.23

Let’s see the hits and the misses in the pink carpet and the stage, starting by the best of last night:

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Now, check it out the missies. Some of them are examples of lack of style, some are just boring choices, others are completly disasters:

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Let me know what do you think! XO



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