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Hello guys,

Yesterday I said in my instagram account that I would post a makeup tuttorial today. I am really sorry, but work was crazy and I am totally exhausted. I swear tomorrow the post will be on here.

By now, I gonna just post today’s working look. So you can really start to know my style. I warn you I do not know how to take beautiful pictures yet, so be patient and kind.


Let me know what do you think!

Dress: Kaue plus size Brasil. Shoes: vizzano Brasil (One of my everyday shoes. Oldie and goodie!). Eyeglasses: Armani Exchange. Bag: Calvin Klein (One of my everyday bags. It’s huge!).



Style has no size, age or gender! This is a place to talk about life style, fashion, beauty and much more. You are welcome. Let's hang out!

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