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My Five Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

I love all sort of themed youtube channels, specially the beauty and make up ones. So I decided to share with you my 5 favorite channels in english.

Of course I had to start with Camila Coelho, since we both Brazilians.

This girl is originally a make up artist based in US. Over the last five years her youtube channel became so huge, that now she is a full time youtuber and digital influencer. Actually, everything she wear seems to become a beauty and fashion trend in Brasil and Worldwide. She has amazing carisma and style, great makeup and fashion tuttorials, plus she seems to be really sweet.
She was one of the first beauty gurus at youtube. Her bubbly personality and unbealiveble talent is why she is one of the best. Her collab with Too Faced Cosmetics has just launched. She is well known to be able to make amazing tranformations. Basically, she can turns into any person she wants, male or female (Seriously!). And she isn’t one of those people that try to look like they have a perfect life. Kandee struggles with being a single mother and having a heart desease, but she is always sending encouragement and positive mensages to her followers. Such an inspiration for so many reasons!
Tati Westbrook is the hardest working girl. She posts great content videos 5 days a week (products review, make up tuttorials, unboxing PR stuff, beauty tips and goes on…). She is famous for her honest and for being true to herself. She clearly loves what she does. And about 2 million people Worldwide love it too.


I just love Nikki! By the way, she is the reason I became a make up geek. This dutch girl is so cute and a great make up artist. I’ve followed Nikki for the last 6 years, but only about 3 years ago she became really famous when her “Power of The Make Up” video went viral. It even was featured in the tv show “Good Morning America”. Recently, she has launched her collab with Ophra cosmetics. Unfortunatelly for me, it is not available in Brasil.
This australian make up artist has amazing sense of humor and is so fun. She makes great reviews not just about beauty products, but about travelling, life style and everyday stuff. What I love more about Sharon is that she keeps it real. ln a world full of digital influencers that make people think there are something wrong with them if they don’t look like a movie star, are not rich and don’t have a perfect life, it is awsome to have real people talking about real life things.
I would love to read about your favorite beauty youtubers. XO


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