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Hide or Die Make Up Products

If you like make up and beauty tips you certainly knows Jaclyn Hill. She is one of the most relevant youtubers in the world. This american girl knows how to make money and is known for creating one of the most beautiful highlighters in the market, in collab with Becca Cosmetics. Yes, I am talking about the best-seller “Champagne Pop”. So, Jaclyin created last month a challenge called “Hide or Die Tag”. The challenge consists in choosing one product you cannot live without in every categorie of make up.

I decided to make my own version of it, since I do not wear as much products in my everyday make up rotine. Here goes my pics (tips):

images (11)

Porefessional by Bennefit Cosmetic. This primer really works and is perfect for oily and combo skins.


Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation. It is a beautiful foundation that works in real life and on camera. Your skin will look flawless, like photoshoped.


Nars Creamy Concealer. This is that kind of concealer that is very light and natural, but has excellent cover. A great choice if you have under eyes circles and dry under eye skin.

unnamed (2)

Korres Rice and Oil Face Powder. This powder doesn’t cake and will make your skin really smoth.

images (13)

Make Up Forever HD Transludescent Powder is the best in my opinion. No backlighting!

images (14)


Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. This is one of those products youtube made me buy and I am glad for it. LOL!

images (15)

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed. This one instagram made me buy, and I loved it.

images (16)

There is a great reason why people talk so much about Sleek Cosmetics Solstice Highlighting Palette. You can make a natural look or be seen from the moon.


For me, The Cheater Mascara from The Balm is perfect. It gives your lashes lenght and volume. If you have very humid eyes like me, you will be happy to know It is watterproof.

images (18)


Eyeshadow X15: warm neutrals is flattering in all skin tones. You can make natural or dramatical looks easilly.

images (17)

I just can say F-Bomb from Urban Decay in pencil or bullet.

Let me know what are your ride or die products. XO



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