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5 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Hello guys!

I know girls of any size struggle with choosing their perfect wedding dresses. There is also pressure and expectations of people in our lives about it, specially from family members. This makes everything even harder. As a Brazilian fat girl living in Rio, I had to deal with lot’s of anxiety, insecurities and stress util I found out a designer that could make my dream come true on the budget.

So, from my experience, I decided to share with you 5 precious tips I wish someone had told me 4 years ago..

1 – Find the right silhouette for you.

In order to this, is important to know the shape of your body and what kind of silhouette goes well with it. The following picture will help with that.

2 – You also must be sure of what kind of bride you wanna be.







3 – Do not try to please anyone, but yourself.

It doesn’t matter how your parents, relatives and friends expect to see you as a bride. It is your moment, not theirs. You must feel your dress truelly represents who you are, your personal style. When it feels necessary just say no. Your opinion and your hapiness is what counts.

4 – Choose your dress carefully.

Remember that in your wedding reception you gonna be stand up or on the dancing floor almost the entire time. Choose something stylish, but really confortable! And something that will look good when you sit.

5 – Do your research!

To be the bride is very stressfull, you have to make decisions all the time. It is a lot of pressure. So do your research well to be able to choose very carefully a store or designer you can trust. They can help to make your dream come true or ruin it.

That’s all! Let me know if these tips helped you. XO





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