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What to wear? – Afternoon Wedding

Have you been invited for na afternoon wedding and don’t know what to wear? I’ve got your back!
Afternoon weddings are a trend and many of them do start in the daylight and go through the night away. It makes difficult for wedding guests to choose what wear, specially women. May I wear a long dress? May I wear glitter? Will I look overdressed? Will I look underdressed? The answer for those questions is, as always, moderation.
If the event is scheduled for the afternoon, it means you should put more effort to dress up than if you were attending a morning wedding. And if the party will happen during night time, you can do a little more effort yet. However, do forget night gowns even if you are the mother of the bride or the groom. Long dresses and skirts are only acceptable in light fabrics and simple textures. Glitter can be used in acessories or in the short dresses and bottoms (choose only one of these options). Do not go crazy even if you love the bling like me.
A great option are the also treding midi dresses and skirts. They are easily formal on point. I have sellected different lenght and outfits options for all sizes. As a fat girl, I know it can be more challenging for big girls to figured out what to wear.




Let me know if this tips helped! XO



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