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What to wear? – Afternoon Wedding

Have you been invited for na afternoon wedding and don’t know what to wear? I’ve got your back!
Afternoon weddings are a trend and many of them do start in the daylight and go through the night away. It makes difficult for wedding guests to choose what wear, specially women. May I wear a long dress? May I wear glitter? Will I look overdressed? Will I look underdressed? The answer for those questions is, as always, moderation.
If the event is scheduled for the afternoon, it means you should put more effort to dress up than if you were attending a morning wedding. And if the party will happen during night time, you can do a little more effort yet. However, do forget night gowns even if you are the mother of the bride or the groom. Long dresses and skirts are only acceptable in light fabrics and simple textures. Glitter can be used in acessories or in the short dresses and bottoms (choose only one of these options). Do not go crazy even if you love the bling like me.
A great option are the also treding midi dresses and skirts. They are easily formal on point. I have sellected different lenght and outfits options for all sizes. As a fat girl, I know it can be more challenging for big girls to figured out what to wear.




Let me know if this tips helped! XO

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You Are Much More Than Your Weight!

For me, this blog is just a hobbie, a space to talk about things I like and share some thoughts, make friends, etc. Yes, posts about fashion and beauty are frequent here, since they are two of my favorite issues and forms of self expression. As a fat woman this is itself a statement. Fashion and beauty are industries that usually ignore the existence of fat people as consumers. By doing so, they help to validate and reproduce many stereotypes about being fat.

I am a fat woman and, as many others, I like to take care of myself, to feel atractive and beautiful. To be fat doesn’t mean to be lazy or sad, to be a mess, a bad employee, an unable parent, an unsexual being or a person that doesn’t care for being healthy.

Terms such as plus size and curvy are also euphemisms that reinforce the notion that there is something abnormal with fat people in general. Create brands and stores specifically to people that are usually rejected by the mainstream brands can be empowering, but it is always important to keep in mind that we need also a structural change. We cannot accept companies to behave like fat people do not matter as consumers and don’t deserve equal treatment.

I write about fashion and beauty without mentioning size because that is what I stand for. Style has no age, size or gender. Many time people make us feel fashion and being beautiful are not for everyone. But it is not true! Confidence is something you conquer once you learn you do not have to fit to another peoples expectations. Live for yourself is a condition for happiness.

Finaly, I want to make it clear that I do believe any person are entitled to not care at all for how they look. Also, it is important to remember: kindness is the most important skill for any human being.

XO from Brasil!



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5 Basic Looks For The Weekend

Hello guys!

We are back, weekend is here, so… I wanna share with you some great inspirations of basic looks to enjoy the weekend in a very stylish way. The best thing about those tips is: they will show you that a basic style does not have to be boring. Basic colors, textures and peaces can make a closet both functional and fun. Also the following outfits gonna work for those who are excited with summer in the north or are  loving the tropical winter.

Please, let me know if you liked it.

XO from Brasil!


Basic doesn’t mean boring.


Basic can be confortable and chic.


Basic can be unexpected.


Basic can turn into glam.



Basic can be sophisticated.


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5 Inspiring High Street Looks From New York Spring Fashion Week

Hello guys,

Following the last post, here goes the coolest high street looks from New York fashionistas this spring. Remenber that these photos are wide spread in social medias and were taken during the 2017/2018 Resort/Cruise Collections Shows.


The lovely Chiara Ferragni is not just a huge fashion blogger and digital influencer, she knows how to pull off an out fit like a pro. This look do remenber us why we can’t get enought of embroidery and full of patches jackets and “90’s like” shorts. Also it makes clear that the “nerd cute vibe” looks gonna be arround a few more seasons.


This is the kind of look I just love! Vibrant, mixing textures and prints, well styled… Just amazing!


What about these sisters? They are just on point. These looks bring some of the biggest trends of the season: pastel colors and floral prints.


Bow down to the Queen Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller herself. I am obssesed for her and her style. She can wear whatever she wants (seriously!) from crazy unbelievable to everyday looks. She makes a simple look like this so appealing. That’s what I love about her!


This beauty with velvet embroidery bomber jacket and pleased skirt has got my heart. So lovely and full of charming.


Let me know if you liked. XO

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5 Inspiring High Street Looks From London Spring Fashion Week

Hello guys,

Every fashion season lot’s of fashionistas create looks expecting to be noticed by the fashion photographers. They do everything from conceptual to glam looks. I selected 5 of the coolest London high street female looks from the Spring Season, when designers presented their 2017/2018 Resort/Cruise Collections.

These outfits are wide spread in fashion magazines, web sites and blogs. They present ways of mixing actual main trends in original ways. Sometimes fashionistas can be over the top, sometimes unpretensious, but they are always creative and inspiring.



Purple and gray are two of the hotest colors right now. And the oversized sweatshirts, the “ugly jeans” and embroidery everything are Major trends.



Sussie Lao is always amazing! How cool she looks in this embroidery jacket and a “pijamas” suit!


Matellics and holographic in such a creative and possible way to any size and age. This long kimono is bomb!



Who would think striped shirt, camou jacket, military jacket, “ugly jeans” and leopard print could look this good together? Brilhant!



It could be a boring look the kind we have seen many times, but then, this girl put a long dress shirt over it and… Bomb!


Let me know what you think!

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5 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Hello guys!

I know girls of any size struggle with choosing their perfect wedding dresses. There is also pressure and expectations of people in our lives about it, specially from family members. This makes everything even harder. As a Brazilian fat girl living in Rio, I had to deal with lot’s of anxiety, insecurities and stress util I found out a designer that could make my dream come true on the budget.

So, from my experience, I decided to share with you 5 precious tips I wish someone had told me 4 years ago..

1 – Find the right silhouette for you.

In order to this, is important to know the shape of your body and what kind of silhouette goes well with it. The following picture will help with that.

2 – You also must be sure of what kind of bride you wanna be.







3 – Do not try to please anyone, but yourself.

It doesn’t matter how your parents, relatives and friends expect to see you as a bride. It is your moment, not theirs. You must feel your dress truelly represents who you are, your personal style. When it feels necessary just say no. Your opinion and your hapiness is what counts.

4 – Choose your dress carefully.

Remember that in your wedding reception you gonna be stand up or on the dancing floor almost the entire time. Choose something stylish, but really confortable! And something that will look good when you sit.

5 – Do your research!

To be the bride is very stressfull, you have to make decisions all the time. It is a lot of pressure. So do your research well to be able to choose very carefully a store or designer you can trust. They can help to make your dream come true or ruin it.

That’s all! Let me know if these tips helped you. XO



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10 Great Fashion Trends For Fat Women This Summer

Hello guys,

Today I gonna tell you about 10 great trends for fat women this summer Worldwide.


If you are a fat girl like me and think you can’t wear white, you gotta seriously rethink it. No, you won’t look less fat just because the colour of your clothes. And you shouldn’t worry about that! 

Embrace and love yourself! Your happiness does not relays on your size. You can be gorgeous, stylish and glamourous in whatever size you are.


Metallic textures are everywhere this spring/summer. From lipsticks to dresses, you can’t ignore it and you shouldn’t.


In little details or full peaces, this is a fashion statement for plus size women. Also, itis a great way to show how confotable you are with yourself and also look bold and smoking hot.


These skirts are too cute to be ignored. This summer they come in all kinds of textures: metallic, velvet, leather, organza… Name it! Pleased skirts are the kind of trend that look great in any size.


Over the shoulder shirts, dresses and jumpsuits are a way of looking sexy on point. This trend is a fabulous way to tell: “I am cute and confident!”.


Jumpsuits for everyday, for work, for formal events… They are confortable and Stylish.


If you love a romantic looks, that’s the perfect season for you. More than ever, florals are the bomb. Mix it with more modern peaces and you will look sophisticated.


They were everywhere in the winter and they will keep around a few more seasons. This summer they come in lighter fabrics. But, the fact is even a jeans and a white t-shirt will look really stylish if you wear a bomber jacket over it.


They are so confortable! With them, you can go from street wear to more sophisticated looks. Use it daytime and night.

Let me know if you are excited to try these trends and rock this summer!

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Why is it important to be a conscious consumer?

We live in a society full of people and companies telling us what we need in order to be happy, and constantly associating material things with personal success. Specialists claim that never before in human history people were so materialist in a bad and dangerous way. I am not just talking about luxury purchases, but about everyday consumption choices, about sustainability.
The fact is we live in a limited resources planet. A single plastic item takes about 450 years to degradation. Imagine all the plastic bags you get when you buy something at a supermarket, a pharmacy or fast fashion store, for exemple, and throw in your trash can as soon as you get home. They gonna be in nature for half a century. But, even worst is to think about how their production releases millions Co2 in the atmosphere. This is really a push to choose paper and tissue bags, right?

2017-05-26 13.47.29


To become a conscious consumer is a process. I have being in this path for about 6 years now, and I can tell you changing is very hard. Although, all the effort is really rewarding. I have saved a lot of money since I started to ask myself: “Do I really need this? Does it have a reasonable price? Is this company really deserving of my money?”. I also have became a better citizen. Now, I always try to support small local producers and keep informed about the big companies I buy from. I use to research if they do fair trade and give their employees good working conditions.

I LOVE fashion! However, many companies in that industry are not worried about the environment, about the people that work for them and about their consumers. Even many luxury brands do not have ethical commerce practices. When I was in my early twenties, I used to dream about buying a Louis Vuitton handbag. I worked really hard and saved money, but never had the courage to spend so much in one single bag. So I used my money in a 2 weeks travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a much more exciting experience. And I felt really good 3 years after that, when I found Louis Vuitton does burn the excedent of every collection to keep their prices insane. I mean they prefer to burn products they do not sell as expected, then go on sale. And this is an usual crazy practice many luxury companies do to keep their status. Then, their clients can feel very special for having things that most people in the world cannot have. Yes, it’s such a mean game!


2017-05-26 14.05.55
In Lohan’s Zoo, Lohan – Argentina (2011)
2017-05-26 14.06.12
My husband being silly in a store in San Telmo, Buenos Aires – Argentina (2011).

So, being a conscious consumer is a smart way to make companies re-think their market practices, support and improve local economies, as well as create healthier and sustainable life styles for you and your future generations. An easy way to start is to value quality over quantity and always asking yourself: “Do I really need this?”.

Let me know what do you think about this issue!

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Hello guys,

Yesterday I said in my instagram account that I would post a makeup tuttorial today. I am really sorry, but work was crazy and I am totally exhausted. I swear tomorrow the post will be on here.

By now, I gonna just post today’s working look. So you can really start to know my style. I warn you I do not know how to take beautiful pictures yet, so be patient and kind.


Let me know what do you think!

Dress: Kaue plus size Brasil. Shoes: vizzano Brasil (One of my everyday shoes. Oldie and goodie!). Eyeglasses: Armani Exchange. Bag: Calvin Klein (One of my everyday bags. It’s huge!).

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Billboard Awards 2017

Hello, guys!

Yesterday, there was the last of the biggest music awards of this season. Actually, It was not as great as it uses to be. Most of the starlets did not cross the pink carpet and many of them were not present due to Cannes Film Festival. Please, before we start to talk about fashion and beauty, it is really important to remember that the cool thing about music awards is that it has no rules. Performers, presenters and the invited artists can take any risks when it comes to style. They have the chance to be as creative as possible. So we always expect some statements and major fashion and beauty moments. Unfortunatelly, sometimes they don’t come true.

Vanessa Hudgens has all my respect. The girl was a great co-presenter and had lot’s of fahion fun. She even took some significant risks, like in her pink carpet dress and the cher-like outfit on the stage. And let’s not forget her hair and make up! So BOMB!

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 17 years old sister, was such a surprise. Along with Hudgens, She got the attention of every single editor and blogger in fashion industry. Great look, amazing style. However, I would like her make up had been as bold as her outfit and hair style. Anyways, this girl was so stylish and looked so interesting that now everybody wanna know more about her. That’s my kind of It girl in the making!

As you can see, It is not possible to tell the same about the other members of the Cyrus clan.

2017-05-22 14.44.23

Let’s see the hits and the misses in the pink carpet and the stage, starting by the best of last night:

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Now, check it out the missies. Some of them are examples of lack of style, some are just boring choices, others are completly disasters:

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Let me know what do you think! XO