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Hide or Die Make Up Products

If you like make up and beauty tips you certainly knows Jaclyn Hill. She is one of the most relevant youtubers in the world. This american girl knows how to make money and is known for creating one of the most beautiful highlighters in the market, in collab with Becca Cosmetics. Yes, I am talking about the best-seller “Champagne Pop”. So, Jaclyin created last month a challenge called “Hide or Die Tag”. The challenge consists in choosing one product you cannot live without in every categorie of make up.

I decided to make my own version of it, since I do not wear as much products in my everyday make up rotine. Here goes my pics (tips):

images (11)

Porefessional by Bennefit Cosmetic. This primer really works and is perfect for oily and combo skins.


Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation. It is a beautiful foundation that works in real life and on camera. Your skin will look flawless, like photoshoped.


Nars Creamy Concealer. This is that kind of concealer that is very light and natural, but has excellent cover. A great choice if you have under eyes circles and dry under eye skin.

unnamed (2)

Korres Rice and Oil Face Powder. This powder doesn’t cake and will make your skin really smoth.

images (13)

Make Up Forever HD Transludescent Powder is the best in my opinion. No backlighting!

images (14)


Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. This is one of those products youtube made me buy and I am glad for it. LOL!

images (15)

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed. This one instagram made me buy, and I loved it.

images (16)

There is a great reason why people talk so much about Sleek Cosmetics Solstice Highlighting Palette. You can make a natural look or be seen from the moon.


For me, The Cheater Mascara from The Balm is perfect. It gives your lashes lenght and volume. If you have very humid eyes like me, you will be happy to know It is watterproof.

images (18)


Eyeshadow X15: warm neutrals is flattering in all skin tones. You can make natural or dramatical looks easilly.

images (17)

I just can say F-Bomb from Urban Decay in pencil or bullet.

Let me know what are your ride or die products. XO

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My Five Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

I love all sort of themed youtube channels, specially the beauty and make up ones. So I decided to share with you my 5 favorite channels in english.

Of course I had to start with Camila Coelho, since we both Brazilians.

This girl is originally a make up artist based in US. Over the last five years her youtube channel became so huge, that now she is a full time youtuber and digital influencer. Actually, everything she wear seems to become a beauty and fashion trend in Brasil and Worldwide. She has amazing carisma and style, great makeup and fashion tuttorials, plus she seems to be really sweet.
She was one of the first beauty gurus at youtube. Her bubbly personality and unbealiveble talent is why she is one of the best. Her collab with Too Faced Cosmetics has just launched. She is well known to be able to make amazing tranformations. Basically, she can turns into any person she wants, male or female (Seriously!). And she isn’t one of those people that try to look like they have a perfect life. Kandee struggles with being a single mother and having a heart desease, but she is always sending encouragement and positive mensages to her followers. Such an inspiration for so many reasons!
Tati Westbrook is the hardest working girl. She posts great content videos 5 days a week (products review, make up tuttorials, unboxing PR stuff, beauty tips and goes on…). She is famous for her honest and for being true to herself. She clearly loves what she does. And about 2 million people Worldwide love it too.


I just love Nikki! By the way, she is the reason I became a make up geek. This dutch girl is so cute and a great make up artist. I’ve followed Nikki for the last 6 years, but only about 3 years ago she became really famous when her “Power of The Make Up” video went viral. It even was featured in the tv show “Good Morning America”. Recently, she has launched her collab with Ophra cosmetics. Unfortunatelly for me, it is not available in Brasil.
This australian make up artist has amazing sense of humor and is so fun. She makes great reviews not just about beauty products, but about travelling, life style and everyday stuff. What I love more about Sharon is that she keeps it real. ln a world full of digital influencers that make people think there are something wrong with them if they don’t look like a movie star, are not rich and don’t have a perfect life, it is awsome to have real people talking about real life things.
I would love to read about your favorite beauty youtubers. XO
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Mini Make up Tuttorial

Hello guys!

Today, I made the tutorial I had promissed 2 days ago. This is my first time doing this, so constructive criticism will be welcome. I hope the format I’ve choose to do this mini tuttorial works well for you. I am not a make up artist! I just really Love make up.
If you did check out the blog Instagram account, you know my challenge was to recriate a red carpet look in a way It could become an everyday working look. So it is a similar look, not a identical look. I also must warn you that my version seems a little more intense. That’s because I don’t have good lighting or a professional camera. I am still taking the pics with my phone, so I was affraid it didn’t capture details well.
Make up suppose to be fun, a form of self expression and help you to feel confident. It reflects your personal style as much as your fashion and life style choices. So, this is my version of that look.
2017-05-25 01.16.51
My skin is not ligh, then I’ve decided to work more the brown tones on my crease and a little above. Also, I wear glasses and my eyes are small, plus I do not like their shape. I am always trying to use techniques to create the illusion of bigger eles.
I encourage you to choose colors that work better on their skin. For exemple: the original look used a pink blush with yellow undertones. I prefered to go to a peach blush with pink and gold undertones.
Let’s see the products I have choose for this mission!

I’ve only used two eyeshadow palletes. I know most people do not have as many options. And in general they have just mattes and some basic satin shades. I really don’t know why people love matte shadows so much. LOL!


Eau Thermale Àvene;

Créme Prodigieuse yeax by Nuxe;

MAC Paint Potin Soft Ochre;

Naked Basics 1 Pallete by Urban Decay;

The Balm Jovi Pallete by The Balm Cosmetics;

Waterprof Eyeliner in 25L by MUFE;

Brushes Real Techiniques, The Beauty Box Brasil and Klass Vough;

Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm Cosmetics;

Mascara The Cheater by The Balm Cosmetics.

I started with my eyes, because eyeshadows (even the high end ones) always have some fall out. It is easier to prepare your skin after the eyes. Your cotton sticks, foundation and concealer gonna help you to correct any problems. And it is important to wear a moisture eye creram before any primer.

2017-05-24 23.29.13

After applying your eye primer, use shadow 1 to make a base to the other shadows. It’s a beige matte shade. Then, use shadow 2 only on your lid. It is a satin beige with champagne undertones. The number 3 should go on your crase and little above it. You must use the lighter shade of brown as a transition color and gradually construct layers in you crease with the darker brown shade. Blend your crease with soft circular motions to create dimension. And softly smoke the corner of the eye. Use the number 2 under your brow to highlight it and apply the same highlighter you gonna use in your face on the interior corner of your eyes. I also used the mary-lou manizer in my lid with my finger, just subtle taps. The next move is to use the brown eyeliner just to contour your watermark and very close to your superior lashes. Then, use the number 3 shades to blend your eyeliner only close to your inferior lashes.

2017-05-24 23.07.25

The preparation of your skin gonna be really easy. First, It is important to hydratate your skin. I used Thermal Water. Then, I started to make up my face with a pore minimizing primer and after, a high cover foundation. I choose this kind of coverage because in Rio the wether is really hot and humid. But you can use a medium or light one if you feel more confortable. That’s also why I always use a setting spray. Use the foundation before your concealer. After this, set your face with a powder. Then, is time to contour and highlight.

In everyday looks, It is really important to contour and highlight in a very subtle way. In a way you look naturally glowy and your best features are accentuated. So, I’ve decided to post a picture with orientations to highlight, contour and blush your face.

2017-05-25 00.51.24

After contour, just apply some bronzer and mascara. Put on a pink lipstick. You’re ready to go! This is the final result:

2017-05-24 22.39.43

As you can see, I choose some different colours that I tought would suit me better.


Tea tree pore minimiser primer by The Body Shop;

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation;

NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard;

Shade and Light Contour Pallete by Kat Von Dee Beauty;

Rice and Olive Compact Powder by Korres;

Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso by Milani Cosmetics;

Beach Bronzer in Bronzed by Urban Decay.


Lip Twins satin in N° 6 by YSL Beauty;

Sheer Lipstick in Obsessed by Urban Decay.

Let me know if you liked it and if this mini tuttorial was helpful to you. And please, don’t mind my eye brows. I only will have time design them on the weekend. LOL! XO

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Billboard Awards 2017

Hello, guys!

Yesterday, there was the last of the biggest music awards of this season. Actually, It was not as great as it uses to be. Most of the starlets did not cross the pink carpet and many of them were not present due to Cannes Film Festival. Please, before we start to talk about fashion and beauty, it is really important to remember that the cool thing about music awards is that it has no rules. Performers, presenters and the invited artists can take any risks when it comes to style. They have the chance to be as creative as possible. So we always expect some statements and major fashion and beauty moments. Unfortunatelly, sometimes they don’t come true.

Vanessa Hudgens has all my respect. The girl was a great co-presenter and had lot’s of fahion fun. She even took some significant risks, like in her pink carpet dress and the cher-like outfit on the stage. And let’s not forget her hair and make up! So BOMB!

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 17 years old sister, was such a surprise. Along with Hudgens, She got the attention of every single editor and blogger in fashion industry. Great look, amazing style. However, I would like her make up had been as bold as her outfit and hair style. Anyways, this girl was so stylish and looked so interesting that now everybody wanna know more about her. That’s my kind of It girl in the making!

As you can see, It is not possible to tell the same about the other members of the Cyrus clan.

2017-05-22 14.44.23

Let’s see the hits and the misses in the pink carpet and the stage, starting by the best of last night:

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Now, check it out the missies. Some of them are examples of lack of style, some are just boring choices, others are completly disasters:

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Let me know what do you think! XO